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Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.
Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.

Ricoh RI 1000
Preparation Checklist

This page is for our current DTG customers.
If you purchased Ricoh RI 1000 printer, you need to consider this preparation checklist:

Preparation Checklist

Must Purchase-Needs

List 1

Dark/White Shirts

Ethernet Cable

Sturdy Desk or Table for Ricoh RI 1000: Must be able to hold 150 lbs,
Dimensions: 24" x 36" or bigger

Table for Heat Press

Computer(PC/Mac): You will need PC or a parallel on Mac to run Windows

Internet Connection (Please let us know if you do not have internet)

Printable Files in PNG (Transparent Background)

Mandatory Only with Pretreatment Machine Purchase: 1 Gallon of distilled water / Purchase from local market

How to Set up Slack Account

Must Purchase-Pretreater Tables

Pretreatment Machine Compatible Table

No Need

No Need

36 in Long x 24 in Deep

30 in Long x 24 in Deep

Optional Needs

Item For Use


To keep environment above 25% humidity

To make sure heatpress temperature is above 345 F


Surge Protector for Your Printer

Three 8 oz Cup for Cleaning Pretreatment Machine

Paint Brush

Scissors, Permanent Marker, Straightedge Ruler, Windex, and Paper Towel

Inter-dental Brush (For weekly cleaning)

Humidity Reader

Printer Cover

Software & Driver Download

For PC


Free 20-day NeoRip Trial! You will receive a dongle with your supply package & a downloadable software link sent out to your email! (NeoRip is not compatible with Mac) — Click to learn more.


Slack (Windows)

Slack (Mac)

Register Your Printer

Please register to activate your warranty.

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