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Walk-In Customers: We are only accepting credit/ debt cards (No cash transaction)
Walk-In Customers: We are only accepting credit/ debt cards (No cash transaction)

We Got All the Dryers You Need.

We provide the best DTG conveyor and tunnel dryers for your prints. Our dryers ensure consistent and complete curing on all garments along with precise temperature control. With the most advanced technology and construction available, our dryers are perfect for direct-to-garment prints. We wish to make sure our dryers can provide high quality, durability, and efficiency.

Vibrancy | Efficiency | Hand Feel | Washability

Why Get It?

DTG printing is growing constantly with a high volume of DTG shirt productions. Conveyor and tunnel drying your DTG prints can make production more efficient with less power consumption, meaning increases in production as well. Since most DTG inks are now made with modern formulas, cure time can take up to as little as 35 seconds but on average of 60 seconds which is pretty fast! With these modern improvements, our dryers become a great benefit in the process. If you are in a DTG business, these dryer efficiencies can help you reduce labor costs which is a great financial benefit.

The fibers on your cotton t-shirts will not get as damaged with our dryers because of the reduced cure time they provide. Garments can tear easily if heat duration or zero moisture content takes too long, making the fabric material brittle and too delicate. Our dryers can prevent that! Overall, conveyor and tunnel dryers will be the best option for high production environments and for the curing of DTG prints. Since there is no pressure involved, your t-shirts will results with higher vibrancy and without a harsh square imprint visible.