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Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Thursday, 2/2/2023.
Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Thursday, 2/2/2023.

We Got All the Heat Presses You Need.

We provide the best heat press machines to cure inks on your garments. A heat press is a must have item to cure ink. DTG inks are water-based and require certain pressure and heat to completely cure. Insufficient pressure or heat cause DTG inks to be washed away.

Sufficient | Efficient | Durable

Why Get It?

DTG printing is growing constantly with a high volume of DTG shirt productions. Heat press machines can make production more efficient and sufficient, meaning increases in production as well. Our heat press machines are easy-to-use and adjustable to your business. They are great for both commercial, private and industrial use. Easily multi-task and move through printing applications with amazing results!

Most heat press machines are automatic and has high tech features. Using irons are so old school and not sufficient or efficient for your business and production time. Heat presses are a must because they have timers that can alert you or release the press so that the garments do not get burnt. Being able to control and set the temperature to a certain degree is also a good feature that heat presses offer. It is hard to measure pressure with an iron, but a heat press will solve that problem! Pressure is very important when applying transfers to garments — meaning a difference between a garment lasting 6 months or instead many years. In conclusion, your customers will be much more satisfied with a heat pressed finished product’s quality and durability.