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Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Wednesday, 2/1/2023.
Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Wednesday, 2/1/2023.

We Got All the Pretreatment Machines You Need.

As you may already know, dark garment needs to be pretreated to prevent white ink from penetrating the garment. There are a couple ways to pretreat including roller method and spray; spray method provides faster workflow.

Fast | Easy | Consistent

Why Get It?

DTG printing is growing constantly with a high volume of DTG shirt productions. Pretreating garments before printing on dark shirts is a must! Pretreatment prevents DTG ink from bleeding through the garment when printing. Pretreatment allows all the fibers of the garment to stay calm and fills in the space between the weaves of the fibers on your garment. Garments without pretreatment will turn out as a disaster and will be unsellable because of the bleed through and the possibility of printing blurry/smudged.

Since pretreatment allows the white ink to adhere on top of the garment, the quality of the print will look really nice and clean. The colors will stand out more with better results. All American carries both pretreatment machines and pretreatment sprays. Pretreatment machines are highly recommended because they will save you a lot of time and have consistent spray patterns. Pretreatment sprays are a more affordable choice but it will take more time and will have inconsistent spray patterns. Moreover, you will need a lot of space around for sprays because pretreatment may get on the floors and walls. The pro of pretreatment machines is that there will be no mess left over to clean. In conclusion, pretreating your garments before the printing process begins is very important, but choosing a machine or spray is all up to you!