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Vastex 10 Screen 25" x 36" Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinet

by Vastex

Dry your screens securely in the 10 or 24 screen Dri-Vault. Variable heat and powerful filtered air flow can have your screens ready for exposure, in as little as 20 Minutes

RELIABLE: 3 Year Warranty

HEAVY DUTY: Industrial stainless steel finned heater(s)

CAPACITY: Holds ten (10) or twenty four (24) 25″ x 36″ (63.6 x 91.4 cm) screens of any type

POWERFUL: One (1) 200 CFM (5.7 CMM) air flow blower or two (2) 290 CFM (14.2 CMM) air flow blowers

CONSISTENT: Pressurized cabin with positive air flow keeps out contaminants even if an air leak occurs

EFFECTIVE: Screens sit horizontal on removable shelves (angled to provide edge contact only)

SECURE: One (1) sealed latching door 10 screen or two (2) individually sealed latching doors on the 24 screen unit

CONTROL: 10 screen cabinet has Hi-Low heat adjustment OR the 24 screen cabinet has breaker on/off switch, pilot light, digital temperature control, both have ability to run air only or variable heat.

FAST: Dries emulsion as quickly as 20 minutes**

EFFICIENT: 4″ (10 cm) exhaust duct for contaminated air removal

PRECISE: Light tight heavy duty double wall

EASY: Simple to clean or replace filtered air intake


  • Stainless steel shelves for rustproof drying
  • Casters (standard on 24 screen cabinet)
  • 240 Volt (standard on 24 screen cabinet)
  • Expanded Depth for MHM style screens with pins (24 screen cabinet)
  • Digital Temperature Controller for 10 screen Dri-Vaults

Vastex 10 Screen 25x36 Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinets Brochure and Specifications

Vastex 10 Screen 25x36 Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinets Operation Manual