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Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.
Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.

Lawson 36" Digi-Star Elite Conveyor Dryer

by Lawson
SKU LAWSON-750-615-00

** Prices include crating fee **

Lawson 36 inch Digi-Star Elite Conveyor Dryer 

Split-Belt Options Available

  • Custom Sizes Available on Request The Lawson Digi-Star Elite is an intelligent dryer. It is an energy-efficient convection air dryer utilizing state-of-the-art curing technology that is specifically designed to cure digital DTG inks along with water base, plastisol and discharge screen printing inks. The Digi-Star Elite Dryer is a universal live-air dryer that cures everything, including solvent-based inks.

The Best Dryers Are SCR Controlled

  • The Digi-Star Elite is the only industry dryer utilizing true SCR electronic controls that regulate electric current flow for absolute temperature control in the most precise manner. Having an SCR controlled dryer means there is no œdead time when heating panels are turning on and off, leading to reduced power consumption. Other garment dryers without SCR controls have heat fluctuations and spikes inside their heating chamber, a primary reason sensitive garments like polyester might scorch and burn.

A Programmable Touch Screen for Smart Controls

  • What might be the industrys most advanced and intuitive color touch screen, this user interface comes standard with the Digi-Star Elite. Engineered and designed to mimic the movements and gestures of an I-phone and Android, the touch screen control pad can be used by anyone to visually monitor the status of the dryer, including chamber temperature, belt speed and the actual time garments are inside the chamber (down to the 100th of a second). Monitor your dryer operation and change dryer settings remotely from your I-phone, Android, I-pad or tablet.

The Digi-Star Elite is the premier conveyor tunnel dryer curing system that combines pressurized jet-air plenums with color-blind infrared, creating a blanket of recirculating hot air. By having a penetrating air flow, the Digi-Star Elite is a compact design that provides maximum production in a small amount of space.

Program virtually unlimited amounts of œrecipes or job settings for every type of printing you do. This is a popular feature for shops that might be switching between different types of shirts, inks and printing methods. For example, program automatic setting when screen printing plastisol on 50/50 shirts, have a pre-set for DTG printing on hoodies and a programmed setting for screen printing water-based on cotton. Having programmed the dryer temperature and time in the heat chamber, operators can instantly recall all of your settings each time a job is switched. For quality control and accountability, the program tracks all changes so owners and managers can see who made changes and when.

The Digi-Star Elite is ideally suited for curing digital inkjet DTG prints for the textile industry. It can handle DTG prints from any brand of direct to garment printer including: Epson F2000, Epson F2100, Brother GTX, Brother GT-3, Anajet, Kornit, M&R Maverick and more. Many DTG printers utilize a split belt, or multiple belts, chamber to increase production and vary the drying time depending on variable factors, such as shirt color, ink deposit, garment type and pre-treat deposit.

The Digi-Star Elite may also be used with plastisol, water-based and all direct-to-garment inks. No matter what type of screen printing or direct to garment printing you do, the Lawson Digi-Star Elite provides great production applications, especially where space is at a premium and true convection air is beneficial.

Engineered for simplicity, the heat chamber is totally accessible without tools or having to undo any wires. Making the maintenance easy and hassle free means it is more likely to be performed and extends the life of your dryer.

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*Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

Crating Sku & Fee:

  • LAWSON-750-615-9 ($695)
    • 8 Feet
    • 12 Feet
  • LAWSON-750-615-9 ($795)
    • 16 Feet