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AlbaChem 1511 Alba-Neutral Neutral Detergent Spotter

Alba-Neutral is a gentle neutral lubricant-penetrant for removal of general water soluble soil. It is extremely safe for most fabrics and dyes and will not set stains. An excellent wetting agent when used in conjunction with other wet side spotters.
  • Removes water soluble soils
  • A great cleaning agent for collars, cuffs and pocket soil
  • Colorless, odorless and completely water soluble
  • Use full strength or dilute 1:1
  • Flushes with steam or water
Directions for use: Remove red cap plug from container. Place an absorbent cloth behind stain (or place on spotting buck). Apply liberally and dab with spotting bone, spotting brush or clean cloth to dissolve stain. Flush with steam or water. Dry garment or apply leveling agent to wet area prior to dry cleaning.