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AlbaChem 1501 Alba-Pro Protein Stain Remover

For blood, vomit, food and other protein based stains, reach for Alba-Pro. Alba-Pro penetrates and removes tough organic stains from clothing, upholstery and linens.
  • Removes: blood, milk, EGG and food stains from clothing, uniforms, linens, etc.
  • Flushes with water or steam
  • Works on all fabrics.
Directions for use: Remove red cap plug from container. Place an absorbent cloth behind stain (or place on spotting buck). Apply liberally and dab with spotting bone or clean cloth to dissolve stain. Flush with steam or water. Dry the wetted area prior to drycleaning. It's a good idea to test the spotting procedure on an unexposed area of the garment before working the spot itself.