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Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Thursday, 2/2/2023.
Due to severe weather conditions, our TX office will be CLOSED Thursday, 2/2/2023.

AlbaChem D-Grade Ink Degradent Biodegradable Screen Wash

D-Grade Ink Degradent Screen Wash quickly breaks down plastisol, solvent, graphic and other types of screen printing inks. A very strong cleaner with a low odor, D-Grade make the reclamation process fast and easy. Drain safe and biodegradable, D-Grade can be used on press, in a washout booth or recirculating system.
  • Specially formulated to remove plastisol ink from both water resistant and pure photopolymer type stencils without softening or damaging the stencil
  • Excellent ink degradent for the removal of offset from rollers and blankets. Will not swell the rubber surface
  • Excellent emulsifying and degreasing properties
  • Dissolves fresh and dried printing inks currently utilized by the industry
  • Low vapor pressure, and low odor
  • Completely biodegradable with low volatility. Washes off with water
Directions for use: As a screen wash: Scrape off excess ink, apply D-Grade and brush into both sides of the screen with a rag, long bristle brush or scrub pad. Flush with high pressure water if you are reclaiming the screen, low pressure wash if you plan on saving the stencil. As a press wash: Scrape off excess ink apply D-grade with spray bottle and wipe off with a clean rag. TIP: For faster production at your washout booth, apply chemical to both sides and set screen to the side. Then move on to the next screen, after 3-5 screens have been scrubbed, return to the first screen and flush with high pressure as described above. Repeat on the remaining screens. Make sure you flush screens before chemical dries. This technique allows the chemical and time to work for you