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AlbaChem SMP Stencil Removing Crystals

SMP Crystals is the most concentrated of stencil removers. For use on of all types of photopolymer,diazo, or capillary film. Dissolves quickly in water, biodegradable and drain safe.
  • PVA/PVOH Stencil Reclaiming Concentrate designed for quick and convenient removal.
  • Removes emulsions and capillary films from screen
  • Dissolve contents into water to make reclaiming solutions
  • Easy to use. No precipitation of active ingredients
Directions for use: Dissolve 2 tablespoons of SMP into 1 gallon of water. Vigorously shake gallon until powder is completely dissolved, a power drill mixer can also be used. After all ink and tape have been removed, wet screen and apply SMP solution with a soft bristle brush, scrub pad, or rag to both sides of the screen. Once emulsion has softened, flush with high pressure rinse starting at the bottom of the with a side to side motion working upwards toward the top. Repeat rinse on other side of the screen. TIP: When mixing large quantities of SMP for a dip tank, mix with warm water in 5 gallon pail until completely dissolved. Then pour the concentrated solution into the dip tank with the rest of the water and stir.