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Due to high demand, shipping delays may occur. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Due to high demand, shipping delays may occur. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Discontinued - All Black Ink Systems 1430/1400 Maintenance and Backup Special Offer

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SKU FHG-000-61430-06EOL-M

All Black Ink Systems For Epson 1430 and 1400 ONLY, two complete sets of refillable cartridges, filling syringes, caps, plugs, and a 88ml bottle of Amaze-Ink™ Head Cleaner.


All Black Ink™ Cartridge solutions work hand-in-hand with the All Black Ink™ Software Feature in AccuRIP™. The software Feature controls printing from all or any combination of slots. Freehand’s custom formulated black dye Dmax™ delivers the best film results.

Screen printers don’t need color ink. They need volume of quality black Dmax™ dye ink for the best film and screen exposure results. Films must block UV light and Freehand’s formulated Dmax™ delivers the highest density.

Features and Benefits

Success with your ink solution begins with Freehand’s exclusive Droplet Weight Density Test Print. Don’t guess at software settings. Get printed proof of the best resolution and droplet weight for your ink and film combination. Don’t skip this valuable time and money saving step built into AccuRIP™ and the Print Commander of Sep Studio™ 4 Software. Settings will vary for printer models, ink systems and consumables.

The All Black Ink™ feature (previously called multi-black in earlier software versions) is located in the Configuration Setup. It directs the printer to print from all or a designated set of slots. By default the software is NOT set with the All Black Ink™ feature on. AccuRIP™ also provides control over resolution and droplet weight for most printer models. Dial in settings for your ink and film combo for the best screen exposure needs.

AccuRIP™ Ruby and Sep Studio™ 4 deliver a full year activation of the All Black Ink™ Feature.  Get on-going use of the Feature FREE year after year simply by using Freehand products and software. Freehand’s Loyalty Reward system makes it happen!