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Discontinued - Kiwo Pregasol CL 1Gal

by Kiwo
Sold out

Kiwo Pregasol CL (Emulsion Remover). Available in gallon units.


Pregasol CL (1:20 concentrate) is a highly concentrated emulsion reclaimer for the removal of polymer-based direct emulsions, and capillary films such as Diazo and SBQ sensitized emulsions. This liquid concentrate, which is diluted with 20 parts water for optimum efficiency, does not crystallize while drying, and is suitable for use in automatic reclaiming equipment. Protective glasses and gloves are recommended when handling.

Physical Data

Color Clear
Consistency Liquid
Shelf-life 1 year at 68 º Fahrenheit (20 º Celsius)
Flash Point Not applicable
TLV Not applicable
VOC None
pH Value <2
HMIS rating Health -1
Flammability -0

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Pregasol CL MSDS

PREGASOL CL Technical Data Sheet