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Epson DTG UltraChrome Pretreatment Liquid - New Formula C13T43R100

by Epson

Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate

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Epson DTG UltraChrome Pretreatment Liquid C13T43R100
Epson has developed an improved formulation of pretreatment for cellulose fabrics (Cotton, Linen, Rayon, etc.) that significantly reduces garment discoloration. The new pretreatment has been designed for optimal performance with Epson Ultra Chrome DG links used with the SureColor F2000 and F2100 print systems. A visual comparison of the market-leading pretreatment and Epson's new pretreatment solution is shown below.

Pretreat Mix Ratio

Dark Garments (Using White Ink)
1 part pretreatment solution to 2 parts water: Recommended mix ratio
    • Increasing pretreatment concentration up to 1:1 may produce prints with a very slight increase in vibrancy, but increased cost and reduced wash fastness
    • Decreasing pretreatment concentration down to 1:3 may produce prints with increased wash fastness and lower cost, but reduced vibrancy.

Light Garments (CMYK-No White Ink)
1 part pretreatment solution to 9 parts water: increased sharpness of detail and color vibrancy.

Dilution Ratio (Pretreat-to-Water) Pre-Print Drying Post-Print Curing
Dark Garment (White Ink Used): 1-to-2 335o F / 45 sec 335o F / 75 sec
Light Garment (CMYK Only): 1-to-9 335o F / 45 sec 335o F / 45 sec


Epson Cotton Pretreatment Liquid C13T43R100 Fact Sheet


*5G will come in 2 2.5G bottles