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Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.
Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.

Epson DTG Polyester Pretreatment Liquid C13T43R200

by Epson

For Epson SureColor F-Series Direct-to-Garment

Garment pretreatment concentrate for polyester-based garments that produces bold prints with bright whites and vivid colors. Epson Polyester Pretreatment Fluid is ECO-PASSPORT Certified by OEKO-TEX, an international safety standard in the textile industry. It certifies Epson poly pretreatment fluid is safe for adults and children, including babies.

Pretreatment application to a garment is required prior to printing with UltraChrome DG Ink and should be used without dilution for use on dark garments (White ink applied). For use on light garments (CMKY ink only) where white ink is not applied, the fluid is diluted by mixing 1-to-6 with distilled water to yield 126 liters of fluid. It is recommended to apply the pre-treatment fluid using a pretreatment machine or airless sprayer.

C13T43R200 Epson Polyester Pretreatment Features/ Benefits:

  • Enables direct printing on sports apparel and active wear
  • High wash-fastness durability
  • For use on both dark garments with white ink, and light garments without white ink applied
  • Simple 1-step curing process compatible with heat press and conveyor dryers
  • Optimized for Epson UltraChrome DG inks used with the SureColor F2000 and F2100 Direct-to-Garment printers
Dilution Ratio (Pretreat-to-Water) Pre-Print Drying Post-Print Curing
Dark Garment (White Ink Used): 1-to-0 285o F / 60 sec 285o F / 90 sec
Light Garment (CMYK Only): 1-to-6 285o F / 60 sec 285o F / 30 sec



Compatible with: 


Epson Polyester Pretreatment Liquid C13T43R200 Fact Sheet

    * Epson Polyester Pretreat is completely new to the industry, hence we are rapidly performing testings on the product. Due to the viscosity of the pretreat, some pretreat machines may have difficulties spraying evenly. Through our testing, we have confirmed that the Mister T-1 and Schulze PretreatMaker IV are compatible with this pretreat.

    *5G will come in 2 2.5G bottles