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Image Technologies ER-600C Emulsion Remover


ER-600C is a biodegradable, odorless, low foaming, sprayable liquid emulsion remover for all types of stencil systems. Using this specific remover greatly reduces emulsion and daizo staining. This product may be used straight for maximum effect or diluted 1 part product up to 4 parts water for better economy. Suitable for all types of spray systems and reclaiming units, ER-600C complies with all SCAQM regulations and does not contain any SARA 313 reportable products. This product contains a degreaser and wetting agent.


Remove ink using an Image Technology ink wash, apply ER-600C to both side of wet screen using a brush, chemical spray system, or spray bottle and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Pressure wash screen and follow with a low volume rinse. If you are using capillary films, this product will produce a sheeting action.


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