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Image Technologies ER-650C Emulsion Remover


ER-650C is a biodegradable, odorless, low foaming, sprayable liquid emulsion remover concentrate for all types of stencil systems. This product is to be diluted up to 30 parts water and 1 part ER-650C or higher depending on emulsion type and thickness for best economy. ER-650C complies with all SCAQM regulations and does not contain and SARA 313 reportable products. Using this product greatly reduces emulsion and diazo staining.



Mix ER-650C (30:1) and remove ink using an Image Technology ink wash. Apply ER-650C to both sides of wet screen using a brush, chemical spray system, or spray bottle and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Pressure wash screen and follow with a low volume rinse. If you are using capillary films, this product will produce a sheeting action.

Warning: do not use this product straight! 30:1


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