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Firebird FBX-VIVID DTG Pretreatment for Light Garment


Firebird Vivid Pretreatment (FB-VIVID) Safety Data Sheet

The new FBX-Vivid allows ink to absorb into fabric longer, boosting CMYK vibrancy and optimizing clarity. This pretreatment keeps ink in place on white garments and produces crisp and clear prints every time. Garments have excellent washability afterward with an incredible soft-hand feel. Boost the CMYK vibrancy in your prints and see the FIREBIRD difference.

FIREBIRD Features:

  • Washability: Protects from color fade, little to no ink loss after multiple washes.
  • Optimized Clarity: The bond of the pretreatment to the fabric produces crisp and clear prints
  • CMYK Vibrancy: Boosts vibrancy
  • Soft-Hand Feel: Pretreatment does not starch the fabric
  • Compatible with 100% Cotton and Polyester blends
  • Curing Methods: heat press, conveyor dryer, hand dry
  • Long shelf-life: guaranteed to last up to one and half years from manufacture date.
  • Easy to use: No shaking required, pretreatment does not settle or develop solid chunks.

Download instructions:

*5G will come in 2 2.5G bottles