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Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.
Our Texas branch will be closed. All shipments will be sent from our California or Philadelphia branches.

Vastex V-100 Series 4-Station 4-Color Manual Tabletop Screen Printing Press

by Vastex
SKU VT-V100-44

** Only ships to continental U.S. **

** Lead Time: 1 Week **

Vastex V-100 Series Entry Level Manual Screen Printers

    • QUALITY RESULTS-Achieved using registration-critical components from Vastex commercial and industrial models
    • LOW COST-Innovative new design using fewer parts, lighter-duty construction, tabletop-only configuration, maximum 4-station/4-colors, the omission of ultra-quick registration micros, and shipping disassembled
    • EXPANDABLE-From 1-station, 1-color (1x1) to 4-station, 4-colour (4x4)
    • LONG LASTING-All steel construction including pallets with optional rubber tops
    • ADJUSTABLE-Screen off-contact and level adjustments
    • ACCURATE-Floating head 3-point bearing locks for pinpoint registration
    • PRODUCTIVE-All-heads-down printing
    • EASY TO OPERATE-Rotor detent provides positive engagement of pallets
    • CAPACITY-Maximum screen width (4-station, 4-color configuration all heads down): 21" (51 cm)
    • GUARANTEED-One year warranty on manufacturer's defects
  • SHIPS UPS-Shipped disassembled in multiple cartons

All-new V-100 tabletop screen printing presses are engineered specifically for 1- to 4-color garment printing, overflow printing, and printing in restricted spaces such as spare rooms and mobile shops at low costs generally associated with machines of lesser accuracy and durability.

Quality results are achieved by retaining critical components from Vastex's commercial and industrial models: no-warp steel pallets, screen off-contact and level adjustments, rotor detent for positive engagement of pallets, and three-point bearing locks providing pinpoint registration of print-heads-to-pallets and allowing all-heads-down printing.

The V100-11 1-station, 1-color base model is expandable, allowing the addition of individual pallet stations and print heads as needs grow.

The V100-44 model is configured as new with four pallet stations and four print heads.

Units with multiple stations and colors allow all-heads-down printing using screens up to 21 in. (51 cm) wide, maximizing productivity when printing registered spot colors and process colors, or multiple one- and two-color jobs simultaneously.

Compared with commercial and industrial presses from Vastex, V-100 presses are characterized by lighter-duty construction, tabletop-only configuration, the omission of quick registration micros, increased use of fasteners versus welds, and shipping of units disassembled in multiple cartons.

Approximate assembly time is two to four hours.

Options include neck guides and rubber tops for the included pallets, and a variety of specialized pallets for long sleeves, pant legs, caps, umbrellas, koozies and other textiles and hard goods.