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BBC Afford-A-Flash Dryer

by BBC

Afford-A-Flash Dryer Features:

  • 2 Sizes 16³ x 16³ or 18³ x 18³
  • Black Body Heater Element
  • Stand and Casters
  • Heater Head Adjustment Lever
  • Same Day Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty

The BBC Afford-A-Flash Dryer is a must have item for all new screen print businesses. This flash dryer for screen printing is the perfect machine for startups or an auxiliary system. It is generated by the one of a kind Black Body heater, this flash dryer will go beyond its normal purpose. The BBC Afford-A-Flash Dryer comes with the normal 10-foot cord, stand, and casters. Pre-wired with 10' cord and stand with casters, this low-cost

  • set-up will satisfy the basic requirements for start-ups or serve as a backup system for screen printing shops.
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • LC1600 16x16 Flash Dryer with 120 Volts & 220 Volts
  • LC2200 18x18 Flash Dryer with 120 Volts & 220 Volts
  • These Flash dryers are not for water-based ink

BBC Afford A Flash Dryer Manual